Mads Mikkelsen Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Mads Mikkelsen_celebhairdoEven at the age of 48, renowned actor Mads Mikkelsen still carries an irresistible appeal. He’s actually one of the heartthrobs during his generation.

Nowadays, he’s looking mannish and gorgeous with his hairstyles. And one of the hairstyles that we really admire is his casual medium straight hairstyle. This hairstyle is notoriously looking great and sexy. It emphasizes smooth masculinity. Definitely a must-try hairdos for the guys who want to look devastatingly handsome like Mads.

His Suit Style

Mads is more into casual to rugged clothes. He usually wears something comfy and easy. Some of the clothes that he usually carries are V-neck tops, designer t-shirts, and denim jeans. When it comes to shoes, he is known to be a fan of oxford shoes and leather shoes.


Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen is an award-winning Danish actor. He was born on November 22, 1965 in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is known for his role appearances in a number of flicks that include King Arthur, Adam’s Apples, After the Wedding, Casino Royale, and The Hunt. Some of the awards that he was able to bag was Zulu Award for Best Actor, Palm Springs International Film Festival Award for Best Actor, and Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor. Height: 6’0