Max Irons Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

SHOWBIZ Insider 1Max Irons is one of the gorgeous and hottest male celebrities nowadays. He’s been constantly turning heads since the very first day he stepped into the Hollywood. Now, we’re very eager to know about his fashion style and how he carries them to make up such irresistible looks.

First, Max got sophisticated hairstyles. One of these is the short messy hairstyle he’s been showing off lately. This hairstyle is totally appealing, in our opinion. It looks great on Max and his thick and wavy hair texture really gives him a compelling aura.

His Suit Style

As a model himself, Max knows exactly what to do with his wardrobe. And he knows how to style them up by following his personal fashion taste. Mostly he is donning comfy outfits and few of them are sweaters, leather jackets, and button down shirts. When it comes to shoes, he particularly likes to wear branded sneakers.


Maximilian Paul Diarmuid Irons is an English film actor and model. He was born in Camden, London, England, UK on October 17, 1985. He is especially known for his roles in movies such as The Host, Dorian Gray, and Red Riding Hood. Height: 6’2