Michael Douglas Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Michael DouglasGolden Globes award-winning actor and producer Michael Douglas can still turn heads with his imposing looks regardless of his age. Ever wonder why?

Well, this gorgeous man loves to keep well-groomed hairdos, and one perfect example is the one we particularly call formal short straight cut by which he appears naturally arresting and attractive. This type of haircut very well defines his glossy grey hair, and yes, we believe this ‘do suits him perfectly because he naturally appears refined with this kind of look. Anyone who might be interested with this type of haircut should instruct his haircutter to cut the back and sides and make it close to the head as possible.

His Suit Style

During formal occasions, Michael Douglas loves donning himself with formal tux and pants. And during regular events, this extremely wealthy celebrity is usually spotted wearing plain colored t-shirt, simple designed pants, and rubber shoes. Now, this makes us all think how wholesome and exceptional Michael Douglas is.


Michael Kirk Douglas is an American film actor and producer. He was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA on September 5, 1944. Currently, he is married to the beautiful actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Height: 5’10

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