Michael Jackson Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume


Michael Jackson had literally lived to keep an iconic hairstyle ever since the start of his dynamic career. We’ve seen how he wore his natural Afro hair in either curly or straight fashion during his concerts and appearances in Hollywood affairs. Along with his spirited sense of music and his “thrilly” makeup with a zombie look, it’s also pretty obvious how poised he carried his hair during his early years and up to his concluding days.

The early Michael Jackson hairstyle—the 1980’s to be exact, was all about his hairstyle legacy ‘Jheri curl’. You might have never experienced getting your hair done with this kind of hairstyle but it has made its mark as a trendy fashion among black Americans during those years. This style is of course characterized by loose curls that usually hang down the back of the head. Superb!

Eventually in the modern Michael Jackson years he already had his hair kept fairly straight. It was usually seen as a shiny, casual medium-length wavy style that sits on his shoulder. Smooth and weightless—these hair qualities can easily be achieved within 30 minutes, like absolutely! The secrets? Learn how to apply wax, smoothing shine, and hair spray.

Fashionably, Michael Jackson was also a great fan of well-designed dresses and shoes. And he had a penchant for Bal à Versailles, his favorite perfume.


Michael Joseph Jackson is a celebrated singer-songwriter in America. He is also known as a talented dancer, actor, businessman, and humanitarian person. He was born in Indiana, USA on August 29, 1958 and died on June 25, 2009. Height: 5’10.

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