Michael Rooker Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Michael Rooker_celebhairdoWe love how action star Michael Rooker continues to look stunning these days despite the age of 59. He still looks amazing. And he still has that magnificent effect whenever he’s at the red carpet.

When it comes to his hairstyles, Michael usually carries his balding hairstyle — which looks surprisingly cool. This hairstyle talks about his dark locks that look thin yet still attractive. It’s probably because he carries it with ease and confidence. Apparently, it looks neat and wholesome. Just the right hairdo for Michael.

His Suit Style

Michael is a fan of comfortable casual outfits. Usually he is seen wearing plain t-shirts, tank tops, V-neck tops, printed shirts, leather jackets, polo shirts, button down shirts, and denim jeans. As for his shoe preferences, he mostly prefers to carry leather shoes and oxford shoes.


Michael Rooker is an American actor. He was born on  April 6, 1955 in Jasper, Alabama, USA. He is famous for his role appearances in films L.A. TakedownThe Dark HalfCliffhangerThe Trigger EffectThe Replacement Killers, and The Marine 2. He also became part of TV series Fallen Angels, CSI: Miami, Crossing Jordan, and The Walking Dead. Height: 5’9