Mila Kunis Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

mila-kunis-20080416003452621_640w1Mila Kunis is absolutely hot! She’s just blessed with looks and extraordinary appeal. This time, let’s find out her sense of style.

Her hairstyle can either be straight or in fabulous waves, but of course we love seeing this beautiful brunette sport out glamour waves. This type of haircut makes her round face look even more stunning.

Her Dress Style

We’ve seen the Black Swan actress flaunts different designer gowns in the red carpet. During regular occasions though, this stunner prefers wearing cocktail dresses, pantsuits, skinny pants, and tweed jackets. And what about her shoes? Of course, Mila likes wearing peep toe pumps, platform pumps, evening pumps, and gladiator heels.

Her Makeup

She prefers different kinds of makeover. But one rule should never be missed: to apply considerable amount of eyeliner in order to accentuate her beautiful, signature huge eyes.

Her Favorite Perfume

When it comes to scents, the Friends with Benefits star likes to use Kai and Carnal Flower.


Milena Markovna Kunis, or famously known as Mila Kunis, is an American film actress. She was born on August 14, 1983 in Chernovtsy, Ukraine. Height: 5’4