Missi Pyle Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Missi Pyle_celebhairdoMissi Pyle is exquisitely beautiful, and we can’t argue about that. The Percy Jackson star knows exactly how to pull out impression by just flaunting her classic sense of fashion.

Missi is a fan of great hairstyles, and most of them are classic themed. A perfect example is her formal loose wavy updo that she once presented during the 84th Annual Academy Awards. Admit it or not, this hairstyle shines through. And it lets the actress look more enchanting.

Her Dress Style

The actress mostly opts day dresses, cocktail dresses, and fashionable gowns. As for her shoes, what she loves to wear most are pumps, strappy sandals, and pointed heels.

Her Makeup

Our favorite actress usually appears glossy and pale–which are kind of her thing. And she loves soft-colored and shimmering lipstick.


Andrea Kay Pyle, famously known as Missi Pyle, is an American actress and singer born on November 16, 1972 in Houston, Texas, USA. She is famous for her role appearances in several films known as Bringing Down the House, 50 First Dates, Just My Luck, and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Height: 5’11¾