Natalie Burn Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Natalie Burn_celebhairdoNatalie Burn is oozing hot and beautiful. No wonder why lots of people find her really a stunner. Not only is she hot, she’s also one with a perfect taste when it comes to fashion.

Natalie’s hairstyles are all beautiful. She’s a natural brunette which absolutely suits her beautiful face. One perfect hairstyle that makes her look even more stunning is her braided hairstyle that has a messy and sexy look. The real charm of this hairstyle is simply irresistible.

Her dress styles are also remarkable. She’s fond of wearing sexy and absolutely revealing dresses that define her real chic persona. And hey, she’s a fan of killer heels.

We also love her makeup preferences. She likes her face to appear tanned and glossy at the same time, making her look sultry and a lot more seductive. She also loves to wear glossy and nude lipstick.


Natalie Burn is an Ukrainian dancer and choreographer born in Kiev, Ukraine. A product of Ukrainian Dance Academy, she particularly appeared on the American thriller “Expendables 3” this year. She also played part on the horror flick “Nymph”. Height: 5’7 3/3