Nick Lachey Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

2426_Nick-Lachey-d-h_copy_2Nick Lachey has been known as one of the male celebrities that are considered sexy and attractive. Wonder how he keeps up this kind of look?

Of course, Nick gives out good-looking haircuts and really maintains them. One of the hairstyles that we love is the casual short wavy haircut he used to carry. This kind of hairstyle is boyish and it typically gives him an aura of irresistibility. Although this kind of haircut requires a bit of maintenance by making it look wet through hair gels and other products, still, your effort is worth it.

His Suit Style

Nick particularly wears simple outfits during off carpet occasions. He usually prefers to wear plain colored t-shirts, rugged jeans, denim jeans, cardigans, polo shirts, dark pants, and coats. The actor is also noted wearing sports shoes, rubber shoes, and flat oxfords.


Nicholas Scott Lachey, or simply known as Nick Lachey, is an American actor, singer, composer, producer, and TV icon. He was born in Harlan, Kentucky, USA on November 9, 1973. Currently, he is married to TV personality Vanessa Minnillo. Height: 5’9