Nikki Cox Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses and Perfume.

Nikki Cox Hair StyleAmazing Nikki Cox brings on the sexy hairdo for her key highlight in the spotlight at Vegas earlier this year. She looks stunning and everyone knows that she’d have a hairstyle tip or more for you.

Making your hair into the smooth style Niki Cox so easily pulls off is no easy task. A great shampoo product to go along with an all natural conditioner is the only way to go. Using a very wide paddle brush to create that easy smooth look you have always wanted.

Not only can you style your hairdo similar to Nikki Cox but by spinning 2-3 inches of dry hair onto huge curlers you will then beable to secure them with pins that will refrain from slumping your hair. Let it set for 15minutes and keep that look all night long.

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