Oliver Jackson-Cohen Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Oliver Jackson-Cohen_celebhairdoIt’s official. Oliver Jackson-Cohen is an ultimate eye candy in Hollywood. Apparently, he gives justice to that description because he’s really attractive in every single way.

His hairstyles are one of the best styles we’ve ever seen in the industry. Usually whenever he stands among the sea of beautiful actors in the red carpet he wears a wet-looking, sexy hairdo that makes him look all kinds of gorgeous. One with a stunning dark locks, he gives his hair a shade of blonde to come up with an even more attractive look. This hairdo even looks magnificent because of the full-textured appeal it exudes.

Oliver is also known to be a real fashion icon. He usually wears cool and comfortable suits that match the occasion. In addition, he wears footwears like sneakers, oxford shoes, and walking shoes that are of designer brands.


English actor and model Oliver Mansour Jackson-Cohen was born in December 1986 in Westminster, London to parents Betty Jackson and David Cohen. He is famous for his roles on films including The Rooftopsmiths, Going the Distance, Faster, Faster, and The Raven. Height: 6’3