Patrick Warburton Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Patrick WarbuttonIf there’s a man who can turn a woman’s world upside down, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be the gorgeous and hunky actor Patrick Warburton.

At 49, Patrick still carries that irresistible and undeniable charm. Perhaps one of the reasons is his appealing set of hairstyles, including the well-groomed formal short straight haircut. This haircut allows the actor to apply hair gel and sweep back his dark locks to create a fresh, neat, and glossy appearance. We totally admire this hairstyle.

His Suit Style

Apart from formal suits, the actor also wears casual clothes that offer him ease and comfort. Few of these are designer t-shirts, V-neck tops, printed shirts, sweaters, denim jackets, and denim jeans. As for his shoes, he likes it best when he’s wearing sports shoes and sneakers.


Patrick John Warburton is an American actor and voice artist born on November 14, 1964 in  Paterson, New Jersey, USA to parents John Charles Warburton, Jr. and Barbara Jeanne Gratz. He is best known for his significant acting roles in certain films that include The Emperor’s New Groove, Men in Black II, and The Civilization of Maxwell Bright. Height: 6’2