Phoebe Tonkin Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

PHOEBE TONKIN at Australians In Film Awards and Benefit DinnerPhoebe Tonkin is one of the gorgeous faces of today’s generation. This classic beauty seems to be gaining more and more attention. And we can’t question why. Obviously, this girl is no ordinary actress.

When it comes to hairstyles, she always brings out the best. A perfect example is her brunette mane styled in slightly wavy form. Its length is not that long but it simply looks stunning. It creates a striking look on her face. Absolutely perfect!

Her Dress Style

Phoebe always looks smart and sophisticated with her dress choices. Most of the time, she opts for simple yet elegant styles. As to her shoes, she is mostly seen wearing strappy sandals, boots, and pumps.

Her Makeup

The Originals star usually glams up her face by emphasizing her beautiful set of eyes through the use of perfect mascara and liquid eyeliner. She also uses concealers and foundation that suits her skin tone.

Her Favorite Perfumes

Phoebe admits that she’s a huge fan of Kai perfume because of its fresh scent. She also loves to wear Chanel Chance at night.


Phoebe Jane Elizabeth Tonkin, simply known as Phoebe Tonkin, is an Australian actress and model. She was born on July 12, 1989 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She is known for her role appearances in several films such as Tomorrow, When the War Began and Bait 3D. She also appeared in a number of episodes in The Vampire Diaries. Currently, she appears as one of the casts of The Originals. Height: 5′ 10