Prince William Windsor Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

prince-william-prince-william-34692647-433-594Prince William Windsor is known to be one of the most remarkable persons in the world. As a member of the renowned royal family, the prince is constantly discerned by the public eye—and even followed by all-around paparazzis who are inquisitive about how he looks, what he wears, which brand he uses, etcetera.

But despite Prince William’s avoidance, it can’t be helped that his overall style is greatly observed. The prince is just good-looking enough and the way he dresses and carries himself is really interesting. When it comes to his hairstyle, Prince William is currently wearing his golden brown locks in a casual short straight cut. This haircut just suits his amiable face. It’s also neat-looking and sophisticated.

His Suit Style

Prince William is mostly spotted in his formal business suit which is all about his tie and coats. During ordinary days, however, the prince is seen in tailored pants, shirts, and designer sweaters.

His Favorite Scents

Prince William loves to wear Blenheim Bouquet and Ralph Lauren Polo perfumes.


Prince William Windsor, Duke of Cambridge, who was born with a name William Arthur Philip Louis Windsor, is an elder son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He was born on June 21, 1982 in Paddington, London, England, UK. Height: 6’3