Renée Fleming Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Renée Fleming_celebhairdoMeet the beautiful and talented soprano Renée Fleming. One with an amazing high-pitched voice, this lady also pulls out impression by flaunting her fashionable sense of stye. Now let’s talk about her hairstyle and her overall image.

Renée is a lover of different hairstyles that are attractive and stylish. Usually she opts for something that follows a classic theme. One of these is her formal short wavy hairstyle that she once wore in a formal gathering. This hairstyle is something special. It’s classical in every way. The perfect wavy flatteries are really enough to make her look even more beautiful.

Her Dress Style

As mentioned, she loves classic theme, so she always get a touch of classic outfits whenever she’s in a special affair. With regards to her shoe types, she’s a fan of designer pumps.

Her Makeup

Although she loves minimal touch of makeup, she doesn’t usually miss donning her glossy lipstick.

Her Favorite Perfume

She has her own signature perfume which is called La Voce Renée  Fleming Coty perfume and she’s probably wearing it, too.


Renée Fleming is an American soprano. Her repertoire focuses on Mozart, Richard Strauss, Handel, bel canto, lieder, French opera and chansons, jazz and indie rock. She was born on February 14, 1959, in Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA.