Richard Gere Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Richard-Gere-9309229-1-402(2)The ever-attractive, sophisticated, and talented actor Richard Gere knows exactly how to get our attention. Despite his age, he can still get us with his enigmatic eyes and sophisticated style. We wonder how he can still do that.

Perhaps it’s because of his hairstyle. Although his hair has already turned to grey this time, he still looks exceptionally irresistible. This haircut required him to have his back and sides taper cut while leaving the top section in full volume in order to emphasize his handsome oval face.

His Suit Style

Richard loves to wear formal outfits. These kinds of outfits really define his personality as a dignified asset of the entertainment industry. In regular occasions on the other hand, he likes to be dressed in wool-blend single-breasted jackets, Ralph Lauren denim button-downs, and YMC shirts. When it comes to shoes, Richard is also noted to be a wearer of flat oxfords.

His Favorite Scent

Richard admits his fondness of using Green Irish Tweed cologne by Creed.


Richard Tiffany Gere is an American film actor. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA on August 31, 1949. Height: 5’10