Roman Coppola Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

CA: TETRO PREMIERERenowned director Roman Coppola is not just anything about talent but also about sophisticated looks!

As very apparent, he always keeps his cool by showing off great hairstyles. One particular hairstyle that really sweeps us away is the formal haircut by which he let his dark locks cut for about two inches. There is no problem with this type of ‘do because Roman naturally possesses thick hair and having this kind of ‘do will only make it appear fully textured. Now, men who want to have this kind of look should not hesitate to try it. Certainly it will make a great difference!

His Suit Style

Roman’s wardrobes are always invited by red carpet affairs and other formal occasions as evidenced by his appearances wearing black formal tuxedos and pants completed by flat oxfords and black shoes. And, oh, the successful director also never shies away from trying out colored formal suits. Believe it or not, he nails it!


Roman Ford Coppola is an American movie director and music video director. He was born in Paris, France on April 22, 1965. Height: 5’9