Rosa Salazar Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Rosa Salazar_celebhairdoRosa Salazar is one of the fresh faces in the industry these days. This Canadian-born American star is currently gaining attention lately, especially when it was confirmed that she will be playing the role Lynn in Insurgent.

Well, obviously, Rosa is very fit for the role. She is seen as someone with a talent and an attractive personality. Looking at her hairstyles, we love how she maintains a simple look by donning her brunette locks in a straight and flawless appearance. It is rare these days to have this kind of hairstyle. And our verdict? She looks totally divine and wholesome with it.

Her Dress Style

Rosa mostly prefers to wear simple cut dresses that look beyond sexy. And when it comes to shoes, what she mostly wears are ballet flats and pumps.

Her Makeup

Most of the time, Rosa prefers minimal amount of makeup.


Rosa Salazar is an American actress. She was born in Canada and particularly grew up in Greenbelt, Maryland. She is famous for playing roles in films that include Epic, May the Best Man Win, and Jamesy Boy. She also played part in TV series American Horror Story: Murder House and Parenthood. Currently, she is cast as Lynn in the upcoming movie Insurgent.