Rose McGowan Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Rose McGowan_celebhairdoRose McGowan has become one amongst the actresses that are supremely amazing when it comes to beauty and sophistication. Not only that. This stunning personality is hot and a certified fashionista, too.

We practically love her hairstyles, especially the one she wore at a certain red carpet affair by which she had her gorgeous long brunette locks playfully tousled in divine, glamourous waves. This red carpet ‘do is great for semi-formal to formal events and always the one that captures attention. Well, Rose did–and it’s a proof!

Her Dress Style

Rose always has the guts to wear clothes that reveal her flawless and perfect skin. And she’s not limiting herself when it comes to that. She also particularly pays attention to her shoes and is mostly noted to be wearing beautifully designed pumps and studded heels.

Her Makeup

So what’s her technique when glamming up her face? She says in one of her interviews, “I like to start with priming the lid. I used a small amount of Laura Geller’s Eye Spackle eyeshadow primer.”


Rose Arianna McGowan is an American actress and singer born in Florence, Tuscany, Italy on September 5, 1973. She is famous for her role participations in certain films known as Scream, Grindhouse, Planet Terror, and The Dorm Generation. Height: 5’4