Ross McCall Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Ross McCall_celebhairdoThere’s one hot actor that always stands out in a sea of gorgeous, good-looking male celebrities. Meet the man of every woman’s dream– Ross McCall.

The Scottish actor has been seen in some of our favorite TV series. And with all his appearances, one thing is typically noticeable. His charm is way too difficult to ignore.

Ross’ hairstyles are all mannish and wholesome. He prefers simple-cut styled hairdo but neat-looking at the same time. This kind of hairdo lets him wear it anytime and anywhere he wants. Versatile and neat, it’s the style that does him best.

We also usually see this actor wearing anything casual whenever he’s not in a Hollywood formal glam. Man, denim jeans are his thing! And he loves dark hued upper suits. We also usually see him wearing oxford shoes and leather shoes. Overall, he looks typically a fashionable man.

Ross McCall is a Scottish actor. He was born on January 13, 1976 in Port Glasgow, Scotland. He is popular for his role as T-5 Joseph Liebgott on the TV miniseries Band of Brothers. He also took part on the film “Autopsy” and guested in an episode on the TV series White Collar. Height: 5’9