Russell Crowe Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

russell-crowe-premiere-man-of-steel-02Russell Crowe made such a remarkable and successful career in his life because of his extraordinary talent in acting and also in terms of musical abilities. Now let’s take a look at his personal taste when it comes to fashion. How does Russell Crowe pull attention from the crowd whenever he’s at the red carpet?

Russell particularly chooses his hairstyle to appear a little rugged but absolutely fresh and clean at the same time. We call this hairstyle casual short wavy because the actor just makes it sure that his front locks are emphasized in natural and sophisticated curls. We love seeing the actor donning this kind of hairstyle. It suits him and it really gives him an aura of elegance.

His Suit Style

Tuxedos and black pants are Russell’s thing. He looks so dignified and arresting with these kinds of outfits especially because he carries them in a confident manner. When it comes to shoes, the actor is a fan of flat oxfords and other formal shoes.

His Favorite Perfume

Russell shares that he’s really into Green Irish Tweed perfume.


Russell Ira Crowe is an actor born in New Zealand. He is also a renowned producer and musician. He was born in Wellington, New Zealand on April 7, 1964. Height: 5’11 ½