Ryan Kwanten Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Ryan Kwanten_celebhairdoRyan Kwanten really knows how to impress his fans as he continues to look enticingly good these days. The 37 year-old star has always been a fascination simply because of his irresistible personality.

Of course, his hairstyles have something to do with it. The actor has tried several hairdos and one of these is the formal short wavy hairstyle which is everything about his golden locks appearing in neat and sophisticated mess. How he was able to come up such an attractive ‘do is pretty simple. A little amount of hair gel to have his locks tangled in all areas seems to be a good idea. Now, how about trying it for yourselves too, guys out there?

His Suit Style

Ryan is one helluvah sexy man and it’s all because he wears something that can really catch everyone’s eyes–especially his female fans. He loves to wear V-neck tops paired with sexy denim jeans. He also wears footwears that include oxford shoes and canvas shoes.


Ryan Kwanten is an Australian actor born in Sydney, Australia on November 28, 1976. He is particularly known for his role appearances in different movies that include Knights of Badass Dom, Dead Silence, and Not Suitable for Children. He is most especially recognized for his iconic role as Jason Stackhouse in the famous TV series True Blood. Height: 5’10