Ryan Lochte Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

ryan-lochte1Time to gush about the hottest swimmer in the world Ryan Lochte. This gorgeous athletic guy seems to be everyone’s man-next-door. And we can’t argue. He has just the right mix of appeal plus extraordinary sense of style and of course, humor.

Starting with his hairdo, Ryan’s locks are now perfectly put together and no longer look the same with his signature golden curls. Nowadays, we can see a Ryan Lochte busying himself and carrying a clean and sporty haircut. His natural curls can still be visible but already cut close to head. Well, it gives him a sexier look, somehow.

And now that he’s already on the verge of trying out a reality TV show for his fashion line, perhaps we can at least peek into his personal suit style. Apparently, this gold medal winning Olympian admits that he likes to dress in a unique and sometimes, weird fashion.

This Olympic persona also loves designing shoes and trying out different shoe styles. One of the shoes that he likes to experiment are snickers.

His Scent

Guys who probably want to smell like Ryan Lochte should consider purchasing his very own perfume product—the “Pool Water”.


Ryan Steven Lochte is an American Olympic medalist swimmer. He was born on August 3, 1984 in Rochester, New York, USA. Height: 6’2