Sarah Hyland Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Sarah Hyland_celebhairdoSarah Hyland is simply fabulous, that’s without a doubt. At a young age of 23, she’s already gaining lots of fans.Wonder how she does it? Well, obviously it’s because she’s an It girl!

Sarah is a fan of different hairstyles. In fact, she always welcomes hairstyles that are stylish and out of the ordinary. But one hairdo that really puts her to perfection is the one she carried at a certain Hollywood affair– her formal messy updo. Now what’s so special about this hairstyle? Well, it very well emphasizes Sarah’s round and beautiful face. It suits the actress and even gives her an extra stunning look.

Her Dress Style

Sarah loves to don chic and classic dress styles. She particularly chooses to wear cocktail dresses and little black dresses. For her shoes, what she usually wears are designer pumps and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

The young actress shared her makeup routine during her interview with Teen Vogue, and here’s what she said: “My beauty routine for everyday makeup can be really fast. I always put moisturizer on firs, then the tiniest bit of foundation, and really not even that, sometimes. Then, a little bit of blush, but I’m big on concealer and mascara. I like my eyelashes and to make sure that my under-eyes aren’t dark at all.”

Her Favorite Perfume

She also expressed her love for Fresh Start. “I enjoy scents like Fresh Start. It has apples and dragon petals. I don’t know, I think it just reminds me of spring coming up so I think that’s why it’s my favorite,” Sarah said.


Sarah Jane Hyland is an American actress. She was born on November 24, 1990 in New York City, USA. She is famous for her role appearances in several films that include Private Parts, Cradle Will Rock, Joe Gould’s Secret, Struck by Lightning, Scary Movie 5, and Vampire Academy. Height: 5’2