Sean Michael Cunningham Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Sean Michael Cunningham_celebhairdoWe love Sean Michael Cunningham. This boy is utterly gorgeous even at a young age. From a child celebrity, we’ve seen him grow into such an attractive guy. Now it’s time to find out more about him when it comes to his fashion style.

Starting with his hairstyles, this boy knows exactly which hairstyles better suit him. These include his casual medium straight hairstyle that looks smooth, shiny, and full-textured. This hairstyle is attractive. It’s also age-appropriate and it makes him look cool. Guys who would love to try this hairstyle should not hesitate to. Apart from the fact that it looks gorgeous, it’s also versatile.

His Suit Style

Sean loves to don comfortable casual outfits that make him look fresh such as designer t-shirts, V-neck tops, button down shirts, tank tops, vests, sweaters, leather jackets, hoodies, and denim jeans. For his shoe preferences, he’s more into sneakers.


Sean Michael Cunningham is an American actor born on 29th of July 1996 in Houma, Louisiana, USA. He is popular for his role appearances in “Secretariat”, “Texas Killing Fields”, and “That’s What I Am”. Height: 5’5