Shiri Appleby Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Shiri Appleby_celebhairdoIt couldn’t be denied that Shiri Appleby is one beautiful and stunning woman. She is just hard to ignore. Ever wonder how she keeps up such elegance?

Her hairstyles are definitely one of the reasons. Shiri has tried a lot of hairstyles but the best that she has come up so far is her casual long straight hairstyle. This hairstyle is all about her brunette mane styled in slash. It looks playful and vibrant. Just the perfect hairstyle anyone can imitate!

Her Dress Style

Shiri loves to wear clothes that are classic and trendy. Oftentimes she is seen wearing shimmering and glittery dresses. She’s also noticeably fascinated with shoes such as pumps, ankle boots, and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

The Love Like Wind actress prefers to wear minimal makeup but always makes sure to have her deep set of eyes highlighted through generous amount of eye makeup.


Shiri Freda Appleby is an American actress. She was born on December 7, 1978 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is famous for her role appearances in several movies that include What Love Is, A Time for Dancing, and Love Like Wind. Height: 5′ 3