Sonya Walger Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes, and Perfume

Sonya Walger_celebhairdoOne of the beautiful English actresses Sonya Walger continues to dominate the scene both on or off the red carpet.

Sonya has tried a lot of hairstyles. She was able to come up with either short or long hairstyles. This time around, she makes an impression by flaunting her beautiful medium-cut blonde locks. Her hair is naturally gorgeous but it becomes even more attractive because of the way she had it styled. Pretty slash-cut is still “in” these days and Sonya proves it. Looking at her sophisticated slash hairstyle, it basically gives her a youthful aura.

Like her hairstyles, Sonya is also keen when it comes to her clothes. She loves to wear something edgy and professional-looking. Most of the time, she is seen wearing tailored cocktail suits and semi-formal outfits which actually define her personality.

And when it comes to her makeup, she prefers a glossy kind of look.


English actress Sonya Wager was born on June 6, 1974 in Hampstead, London. She particularly acted on TV programs Common Law, FlashForward, Lost (2004 TV series), The Mind of the Married Man, Goodnight Sweetheart, and many others. Height: 5’7