Stefanie Powers Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Stefanie Powers_celebhairdoCelebrated and absolutely a power-actress Stefanie Powers still exists in her sophisticated, regally fashionable image these days. The Hart to Hart star knows exactly a thing or two on how to make herself more beautiful in the eyes of the viewers.

Stefanie shares different hairstyles over the years. These include the one that brings her to perfection–her iconic redhead! This hairstyle is too fascinating and attractive. It absolutely creates definition. What we also admire about this hairstyle is the way Stefanie looks fantastic with her smooth and light yet heavy textured locks. And oh, look at the bangs! She’s really nailing a fabulous look.

Her Dress Style

Stefanie is more on classic and 70s inspired look. She loves everything about denim clothes. And she’s a certified fanatic when it comes to printed dresses. As for her shoes, she usually crushes on ballet flats, pumps, and strappy sandals.

Her Makeup

Stefanie loves to apply moderate amount of makeup–not to light and not to heavy.


Stefanie Powers is an American actress that portrays roles in television and films. She was born on November 2, 1942 in Hollywood, California, USA. She is known for her role as Jennifer Hart  in the TV series Hart to Hart. Height: 5’7 1/2