Stephanie Leonidas Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Stephanie Leonidas_celebhairdoIsn’t Stephanie Leonidas lovely? She’s actually one of the female celebrities that possess natural gorgeousness. Now let’s talk about her overall fashion style.

Stephanie has always been fascinated with sexy, alluring hairstyles that exude sophistication all at the same time. One great example is her casual long straight hairstyle. Styled in simple appearance where her dark brown locks are tucked at her back, this hairstyle is too irresistible. It looks simply feminine.

Her Dress Style

Stephanie loves to wear chic, fashionable dresses. She also adores little black dresses as well as beaded dresses. As for footwears, she is mostly seen wearing boots and pumps.

Her Makeup

Stephanie has huge, attractive eyes. She usually highlights them with dark eyeliner and mascara. And she’s a fan of red lipstick!


Stephanie Leonidas is an English actress. She was born on February 14, 1984 in London, England. She is widely recognized for her roles in certain films such as MirrorMask, Feast of the Goat, Crusade in Jeans, Luna, How to Stop Being a Loser, and uwantme2killhim?. She also played the main role Irisa Nyira in the American science fiction TV series Defiance. Height: 5’3