Steve Jobs Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume


One of the most influential and prominent people who did a really remarkable thing in the world of technology is Steve Jobs. Like any other people, he, too, was an ordinary man who cared a lot when it comes to his physical appearance and how he looks whenever he’s facing his business associates and colleagues.

Starting from his hairstyle, we understand there are varieties of hairstyles that Steve Jobs can try on. But this business genius opt a hairstyle by which his hair was cropped in a short buzzcut, revealing more of his forehead.

To us, this hairstyle is prim and casual for his age. Definitely a good choice. The CEO may have looked older but he seemed to have fairly kept a suitable haircut for his face and his oh so spangled society status. Steve’s hairstyle can be anyone’s inspiration, especially to the men on their 40’s and 50’s.

When it comes to dress styles, we noticed that Steve loved to wear simple cut and dark-colored clothes. We don’t have an idea why, but his choices were definitely typical for his lifestyle. And as for his favorite shoes, it was reported that he had a penchant for Nike Moires.


Steve Paul Jobs was an Americal business tycoon, marketer and inventor of Apple Inc. He was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California, USA. He died on October 5, 2011in Palo, Alto, California. Height: 6’2

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