Tiger Woods Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Tiger-Woods-claret-jugTiger Woods is one of the most prominent men in the world of sports. And not only that. It’s a common knowledge that he does not only excel in golf but also when it comes to irresistible looks.

Gushing about Tiger Wood’s hairstyle, it’s not anymore new to us how he maintains a very short, close to the head haircut that gives him a neat and fresh look.  This type of haircut suits men who do not want to complicate heir hairdos and do not want to bother maintaining it.

His Suit Style

Tiger Woods particularly loves to dress himself in a sporty, comfortable fashion. Most of the time he is seen in a plain colored t-shirt (particularly Nike brand) and comfy sports shorts. And yes—he can’t usually complete his getup without wearing his iconic sports cap that he seemed to never let go. When it comes to shoes, Tiger Woods normally chooses to wear Nike golf footwears.

His Favorite Scent

The famous golfer of course, loves to wear his very own perfume product—the T Woods.


Eldrick Tont Woods, or famously known as Tiger Woods, is an American professional golf-player and is currently the leading golfer in the world. He was born in Cypress, California, USA on December 30, 1975. Height: 6’0