Timothy Olyphant Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes, Perfume

Timothy Olyphant_celebhairdoWinning an army of admirers over the years since he started his career, Timothy Olyphant can’t stop looking just gorgeous as he is. The Head Over Heels actor is not just a celebrity that has an amazing talent. He’s also a guy who knows how to carry his self fashionably.

Speaking of hairstyles, Timothy is very good when it comes to it. He usually opts for formal and neat-looking hairstyles, and this casual short straight hairstyle is amongst them. This hairstyle looks attractive and cool. It accentuates his naturally gorgeous face.

His Suit Style

Aside from formal outfits, Timothy mostly wears casual and comfy clothes such as button down shirts, V-neck tees, polo shirts, plain t-shirts, vests, sweaters, denim jeans, and classic jeans. When it comes to shoes on the other hand, what he usually wears are sneakers, canvas shoes, leather shoes, and walking shoes.


Timothy David Olyphant is an American actor born on May 20, 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is especially known for his role appearances in a number of films that include Head Over Heels, Stop-Loss, and I Am Number Four. Height: 6’0