Tina Majorino Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

Tina Majorino_celebhairdoWell, who could actually resist Tina Majorino? This beautiful actress always gets attention every time she’s around. No question about that since apparently, she’s one helluvah sweet and irresistible personality!

Tina is a fan of various hairstyles. She has actually come up with different ones including curly, wavy, and straight hairstyles. But the best of all? It’s her formal updo that defines her beautiful face. And oh, this hairstyle gives out her gorgeous dimples. It’s way difficult to resist!

The gorgeous actress is also fond of wearing glamorous dresses. Why not? She has everything to flaunt. And when it comes to shoes, she’s pretty obsessed with stunning pumps and evening sandals.

She’s also a major attraction when it comes to makeover. She loves a glossy look and she always highlights her aquamarine eyes with dark eyeliner. This smokey-look actually steals a show!


Tina Marie Majorino is an American film and TV actress. She was born on February 7, 1985 in Westlake, California to parents Sarah Black and Robert Majorino. Few of the films she acted were When a Man Loves a WomanWaterworldNapoleon Dynamite, and What We Do Is Secret. Height: 5’5