Tom Felton Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Tom Felton - CelebHairdo_comWe’ve known Tom Felton because of his iconic appearances in Harry Potter film series. What’s interesting about him is that he’s more than just a Draco Malfoy in real life. He can also do magic and basically enchant the crowd with his astonishing look and fashion style.

The actor-slash-singer shares different set of hairstyles. One of these is the casual medium straight hairstyle that reveals more of his soft and amiable facial features. This hairstyle also accentuates his attractive blonde locks, giving a smooth and carefree look on it.

His Suit Style

Tom knows how to dress up. He could be a model if he wants to! He knows which clothes are best for a specific occasion. And what’s even better is he knows how to carry them in a confident manner. When it comes to shoes, what he usually opts are sneakers and canvas shoes.


Thomas Andrew Felton, famously known as Tom Felton, is an English actor and singer born in Epsom, Surrey, England. He is famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in the ever-popular film adaptation Harry Potter series. He is also known for his songs that include If You Could Be Anywhere, If That’s All Right With You, and When Angels Come. Height: 5’9