Tyson Beckford Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

Tyson Beckford_celebhairdoTyson Beckford is absolutely looking hotter each day. The gorgeous actor seems to be in pretty good shape nowadays. Now let’s find out how he rocks his overall fashion style.

When it comes to his hairstyles, Tyson always prefers to carry balding hairstyles. This is actually the kind of hairstyle that he’s comfortable with. And it’s a hairstyle that is also famous for most Afro-American guys. No wonder why, ‘coz it’s pretty manageable and versatile as well.

His Suit Style

Tyson is a fan of casual to rugged clothes. He is mostly seen wearing plain t-shirts, V-neck tops, tank tops, leather jackets, classic jeans, and denim jeans. When it comes to shoes, what he usually opts are sneakers, oxford shoes, and loafers.


Tyson Beckford is an American actor and fashion model. He was born on December 19, 1970 in Rochester, New York, USA. He is famous for his role appearances in a number of films that include Into the Blue, Dream Street , and Hotel California. He also had significant appearances in TV programs My Wife and Kids, Candy Girls, and Running Russell Simmons. Height: 6’0 1/2