Vince Vaughn Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume

vince-vaughn-picture-3Vince Vaughn is still looking hot that he can still draw attention from anyone around. How does he do it, anyway?

We bet that his hairstyle is the number one factor. Nowadays, he keeps up a neat and tidy ‘do which we call casual short curly haircut. Naturally, Vince possesses dark curls and since he can’t do anything about it, what his stylist did was to make it look fashionable. This kind of haircut is classic and timeless and it definitely suits the comedy actor.

His Suit Style

Aside from formal tux and pants that we usually see from him whenever he’s at the red carpet, Vince is usually spotted wearing comfy outfits that are of his taste. These outfits include denim jeans, smooth polo shirts, designer t-shirts, and leather jackets. When it comes to shoes, our favorite actor is mostly seen wearing sneakers.


Vince Anthony Vaughn is an American film actor, comedy star, activist, and producer. He was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA on March 28, 1970. He is best recognized in his roles in certain movies such as Delivery Man, Wedding Crashers, and The Internship. Height: 6’5