Vivica A. Fox Hairstyle, Makeup, Dresses, Shoes and Perfume

10th Annual Miami Best Buddies GalaVivica A. Fox is universally known because of her sophisticated looks. She’s an A-lister actress that has it all when it comes to beauty and style. Find out how we can steal at least a little bit of her fashion taste.

Vivica has tried a lot of hairstyles that range from casual to formal. But the one that serves as our favorite is of course, her iconic casual brown curls. This hairstyle required the actress to maintain her long curly locks flawless and magical. Our verdict with this hairstyle? Well, it’s a perfect hairstyle! It gives definition to her extraordinary beauty.

Her Dress Style

Most of the time, we can see Vivica donning different clothes which include bandage dresses, cocktail dresses, blazers, cropped jackets, and skirt suits. When it comes to shoes, she particularly opts for studded heels, peep toe pumps, and ankle boots.

Her Favorite Perfume

The actress loves to wear her most-favorite scent, Bulgari Eau Parfumee.


Vivica Anjanetta Fox is an American actress and television producer. She was born in South Bend, Indiana, USA on July 30, 1964. She is famous for her roles in movies known as Independence Day, Two Can Play That Game, and Booty Call. Height: 5’7