Will Smith Hairstyle, Makeup, Suits, Shoes and Perfume


Will Smith particularly gains attention by just keeping his looks plain and simple. His style did not change multiple times over the years and it’s evident by the way he appears in movies and Hollywood affairs. But do you know what’s interesting about him? His short cut hair makes every woman swoon over him. You see, it definitely agrees his masculine jawline. Remember how he come into view when he portrayed his leading role in Men In Black 3? You’ll definitely find it hard to resist his charisma.

How to Have a Will Smith Hair

Guys who want to have a Will Smith look should make it sure to cut their hair in Clipper at about 1.5 in both sides. Just like Will’s, make sure it is properly straighten-up and squared-out on top.

Dressing like a Will Smith

Will Smith actually has a good taste in fashion. He likes to be dressed-up in jeans while putting on blazers (especially Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer) or jackets that are usually light in colors. He also incorporates Air Jordans shoes in his style, making him appear sporty at the same time. Perhaps you are curious about his scent? Okay, try reeking out a Vera Wang cologne (his favorite perfume) and you’ll find out how good he smells.


Will Smith is one of the world’s biggest movie stars. He is also known as a talented rapper and producer in films, music, and television shows. He was born in Philadelphia on September 25, 1968. Height: 6’1.5

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